The Brand Trio


A question I frequently answer in new business meetings. “How do you approach brand and identity development?”

The foundation of any good brand consists of three elements, (1) name, (2) logo, and (3) tagline. These three elements form the ‘tip of the spear’. If these three elements are designed and positioned correctly in their marketplace, they become the cornerstone upon which a company can build brand continuity and equity.

The onus of being open to a strong brand falls squarely on the shoulders of the client. It’s really their ‘educated’ leap-of-faith, that allows any design team to be effective.

Developing a truly unique branding trio requires the right amount of experience, research and bravery (mostly by the client). It’s easy to follow the trails that others have already blazed in the identity world. But it takes true dedication and instinct to go off-road and develop a brand that will engage and capture the attention of your audience.

Each of the three elements are equal in importance and each must lock together to form the DNA of your brand. This DNA is really the story that lives at the heart of your company. This story combined with your corporate identity can help cut through the clutter of an already noisy marketplace.