Storage solutions delivered with a touch of wit

Patterson Pope helps their clients organize and store their 'stuff'.

Desktop and mobile responsive 

My role and deliverables:
UX Design, writer & creative director 


Our challenge was to involve various customers across several vertical market segments and hold their interest. It also educated architects and designers about multiple product features and value-added services.

We've identified the following client pain points:

  • Planning for storage often becomes an afterthought in the minds of architects (Patterson Pope's primary client). It's not glamorous and requires a lot of research.
  • It isn't easy to search through dozens of storage products and create an accurate 1:1 comparison of pros and cons.
  • Create an easy-to-use digital catalog that over a dozen industries can use and prove that you're an expert in each field.
The client

Paterson Pope is a 20M company focused on helping their client get organized at every level. Either by helping to store digital or physical documents or by installing virtually every type of shelf and storage unit.

The hypothesis

Put simply Patterson Pope's products can be somewhat dry and boring. With that in mind they were open to the idea of using humor to show how their services can make an impact in their clients bottom lines.

My role

I worked on the project for over a year, integrating a fail-fast approach. The team of three (the UX lead, content strategist, and myself, the visual UI designer) worked closely with usability researchers and ADA specialists to ensure that our MVP (minimum viable product) experience would serve the most significant number of participants. Qualitative research was conducted every month. Afterward, we would work closely with researchers and business partners to interpret the data and improve the project flow. 


Our team was able to put into production phase one of the MVP. The experience is designed to be scaled over time. The center of the experience is based on Morningstar’s Monte Carlo engine. As users return over time, they will find access to new sections and updated features.  The first release saw a 15-20% increase in client retention and first-time users.

Our high-level goals were to:

  • Collect the minimum amount of personal information and allow people to get clear, concise retirement savings advice. 
  • Show clients’ results as easy-to-implement steps to improve their retirement outcomes.
  • Allow people to update their retirement savings automatically and manually based on their comfort levels.
  • Create a simple plan for people to return periodically to update and stay on track with their goals.

I've also worked as creative director/designer on several other Patterson Pope projects. View more