It goes something like this:

1) Audit – Understand & evaluate
This is the step that rules them all. With all of the right information in place, we’re able to efficiently develop the foundation for everything else we do.

2) Strategy
Measure twice, cut once. Together we’ll take a holistic look at the best way to approach your specific scenario to help determine the best media, timing, implementation and more.

2.5) Develop the story
Whether you agree with it or not, every time you communicate with anyone regarding anything – you’re telling a story. You have a story. We’re the people who tell it graphically.

3) Concept – Visualize & distill
This is the top secret creative stuff. Based on all of the information we’ve gathered thus far, creative development is where the magic happens.

5) Execute
Here’s where we turn the power switch on Frankenstein. Whether print, video, web, social or more, proper production and execution are critical for our ideas to do their jobs.

6) Feedback – Monitor & quantify
This is the part where most companies walk away. Not us. We understand how to stick, move and change on the fly. Because even the best ideas need to be pliable.

One size does not fit all.
We work on projects of all sizes. Actually, we pride ourselves on giving the same attention to all our clients. Not all clients require a full service solution. So we partner with you to determine the best solution. It may involve all or some of the above steps.

What I do.
We work on a variety of project types such as: logo and identity development, brand re-fresh, brochures, direct mail, websites, interactive design, ad campaigns, tradeshow booths and product packaging.