Patterson Pope
I was the lead visual UI/UX designer for the Patterson Pope website refresh. I worked with the client's product supplier to use their legacy customer data to inform site layout and structure. The overall goal was for the website to be an inspirational and technical resource destination for architects.

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I was the graphic designer, web programmer, and UI designer for this project. This project involved a branding and website refresh. Our goal was to keep the spirit of the company intact while updating and moving the site content to a mobile and responsive full-width environment.

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I worked closely with company president and account managers to come up with solutions that they were happy with and helped them see that their content could be adapted from print to suit mobile and still keep the essence of the brand. I also trained the content team to input the content and utilize the style options that we built for them in CSS. Worked individually and led many client meetings.

Designed the UX and key templates for the eCommerce site, including the Category, Subcategory, and Product Pages. Used Sketch, Invision, and CodePen to make HTML/CSS prototypes.

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The University of North Carolina at Greensboro
I was the lead visual designer for updating UNCG Career Service Center department. I worked closely with their internal staff to make sure we achieved their objectives. The two goals were (1) to maintain UNCG's web standards, (2) while developing a unique style that would appeal to students and staffing recruiters.

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Linden Thomas
Steve Thomas is one of the top Independent Wealth Managers in the country. I worked as art director and visual designer (UI), with him and his team to help update their website, integrate SEO best practices, and refine how they present their brand online.

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